November ecosystem services photo contest winner

Congratulations to this month’s winner – Nicolas de Witt of Fanny Bay Oysters who was awarded $100 for his photo.

Something caught his eye while inspecting Manila Clam beds. A fish had laid several eggs in one of the panels that covers and protects the clams. They stood out from the rocky beds in the light of his headlamp, otherwise he might never have noticed them.

Photos and captions for the next contest are due December 15th. Contest link

Job Opportunity: Shellfish Farm Manager (Swinomish Indian Tribal Community)

The Swinomish Indian Tribal Community (SITC) is seeking a Shellfish Farm Manager to
manage a new shellfish farm currently under development on tribal tidelands near La
Conner, WA. The successful applicant will have a strong background in shellfish
farming and shellfish farm technology, including extensive knowledge of shellfish
biology, techniques used for growing (oysters and clams) on coastal tidelands and
significant experience in managing employees. See for job description Shellfish Farm Manager!

Job Opportunity: Hatchery Technician with The Cultured Abalone Farm

Assist in the production of commercial red abalone. Duties include feed distribution,
tank cleaning/maintenance, spawn assistance, and larval rearing. The Cultured Abalone Farm is located in Goleta, CA. More here.

Job Opportunity: Nursery Maintenance Technician with Clam Fresh Enterprises

This is a technician position for shellfish nursery operations at Clam Fresh Enterprises. This position is responsible for sanitizing, performing maintenance tasks in nursery systems, daily feeding, weekly grading, and weekly inventory reports. The work schedule and duties will vary according to seasonal change. Employee must be available during weekend when needed. More here.

October ecosystem services photo contest winner

Congratulations Weatherly Bates of Alaska Shellfish Farms winner of $100 for this photo of a juvenile sea otter she calls Scuppers. He is missing a front paw which probably would doom him if he hadn’t figured out to befriend us. Scuppers spends his days close by our farm boat eating all of the urchins, crabs and mussels that are washed out our boats as we clean and harvest oysters. Everywhere we go, Scuppers follows for a meal. He went from a skinny starving otter to plump and healthy. We are very happy this little guy found us.Homer, Alaska.


Photos and captions for the next contest are due November 15th. Contest link

Job Opportunity: Post-doc researcher @ Oregon State University

Pacific Oyster Response to Ocean Acidification and Herpes Virus Threats: Specific objectives are to participate in the design, execution and data analysis of experiments to: 1) develop resistant stocks to new microvariant strains of oyster herpes virus (OsHV-1 µvar) that pose a threat
to the US West Coast oyster industry, 2) develop stocks that are resilient to hypoxic, acidified seawater (OA), 3) develop high-yielding stocks as part of Oregon State University’s shellfish breeding program, the Molluscan Broodstock Program (MBP). See full job description here.

Port of San Diego Pacific Northwest Shellfish Tour September 7-8, 2017

Port of San Diego Pacific Northwest Shellfish Tour September 7-8, 2017 – Prepared by: Paula Sylvia

The Port of San Diego extends our sincerest and heartfelt gratitude to the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association and all the members that we were able to visit during our tour of different segments of the shellfish industry in Washington from September 7-8, 2017. 


International Coastal Clean-up – 2017

Many thanks to all those around the world who participated in the International Coastal Cleanup on September 16th. PCSGA is honored to continue support for Washington CoastSavers with dumpsters and shellfish growers who contribute to this global debris removal effort.

(above) Members of the Olympic Peninsula Rowing Association adopted Ediz Hook during this month’s International Coastal Cleanup. (Sarah Forshaw)

Cleanup removes some 6 tons of debris from Pacific, Strait beaches

Leah Leach – Mon Sep 25th, 2017 2:07pm (PENINSULADAILYNEWS.COM)

More than 650 volunteers cleared some 6 tons of debris from Washington’s Pacific Coast and Strait of Juan de Fuca beaches during the International Coastal Cleanup, said the coordinator of Washington CoastSavers.

Volunteers cleaned more than 50 beaches along the outer coast and the Strait on Sept. 16, said Jon Schmidt of Sequim, Washington CoastSavers coordinator.

The Ocean Conservancy organizes the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) on the third Saturday of September. Washington CoastSavers serves as the cleanup coordinator in Washington state.

“Our volunteers who clean the wilderness coast of Olympic National Park often have to hike several miles just to get to the beach,” Schmidt said.

(Read entire article)

Job Opportunity: Pacific Oyster Broodstock Repository Coordinator in Bay Center WA (Taylor Shellfish Farms)

Manage the general day-to-day husbandry of Pacific oyster broodstock on a mid-sized, intertidal, raised-gear oyster farm; with the goal of rearing broodstock to breeding maturity, and maintaining an inventory of useable broodstock for a variety of breeding purposes. Learn more and apply HERE.

Shellfish harvest resumes in Samish Bay


Scott Blau of Blau Oyster Co. and Bill Dewey of Taylor Shellfish Farms said the Samish Bay companies are glad that oyster harvest has resumed.

“Samish is a key growing area for us for our very popular shigoku oysters and we are looking forward to getting them back on line,” Dewey said.