China Ban on West Coast Shellfish

Visit the Washington State Department Of Health website for answers about China’s recent ban on West Coast shellfish.

The Future of the Oceans: Acid Test

The world’s seas are becoming more acidic  How much that matters is not yet clear.  Full Article.

BBC News – Clam-gate The epic saga of Ming

The discovery that a clam called Ming reached the age of 507 has made headlines around the world.  Full Article

NOAA’s National Ocean Service – Coast Survey unveils NOAA ENC Online Viewer

For more than ten years, since NOAA introduced its electronic navigational charts, you have needed to purchase a specialized chart display system to view the NOAA ENC® as a seamless chart database. 


NANOOS exposing new Canadian real-time data

NANOOS is now serving up a new in-situ near-real-time asset on NVS from Vancouver Island University (VIU), a NANOOS member located in Nanaimo, BC (Canada).


Are Bulkheads bad for Puget Sound?

Enviros and waterfront owners have argued the question for years. UW biologist Megan Dethier is out to find the answer.  Click here for the full article



Hog Island Oyster Wine_pouringHog Island Oyster Co. which turned 30 this July, celebrates 10 year and 5 year anniversaries in San Francisco and Napa. 


On Sandy Anniversary, Rep. Denny Heck Speaks Against Economic Damage of Climate Change

Link to Video