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October ecosystem services photo contest winner

Congratulations Weatherly Bates of Alaska Shellfish Farms.

She took this photo of a juvenile sea otter that she calls Scuppers. He is missing a front paw which probably would doom him if he hadn’t figured out to befriend Weatherly & her co-workers. Scuppers spends his days close by their farm boat eating all of the urchins, crabs, and mussels that are washed out of their boats as they clean and harvest oysters. Everywhere they go, Scuppers follows for a meal. He went from a skinny starving Read More

Shellfish harvest resumes in Samish Bay

SAMISH BAY — Farmhands were back to work Thursday gathering oysters from Samish Bay following a two-week harvest closure due to illnesses traced back to oysters gathered from the bay in August. Read More

August ecosystem services photo contest winner

Congratulations Duane Fagergren of Calm Cove Oyster Co. 

Under this mat of green macro algae (Enteromorpha sp) lies this year’s crop of yearling single Pacifics. The oysters consume phytoplankton, and excrete feces, pseudo feces, and ammonia in a mixture that serves to fertilize this luxurious crop of seaweed. The lush crop also provides habitat for crab  Read More

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