Winner of January Ecosystem Photo Contest

Lisa Carleton-LongLisa Carleton captures, “Shore crabs staying warm in our trays under the oysters at our Hood Canal property,” and $100 bucks! Please submit your photo for the February contest! *Start Clickin’*  Send a pic and caption to by the 15th of every month for a chance to win!

VIMS’ Aquaculture Genetics and Breeding Technology Center (ABC); 5 month paid training April – August

Posted 1/14/2016

The Oyster Aquaculture Training Program (OAT), administered by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science Aquaculture Genetics and Breeding Technology Center, is seeking another round of applicants for the 2016 season.  This is an opportunity to learn through an intensive, hands-on program.  Successful applicants will be working in a research hatchery and  field grow-out operations.  More information is available at


Congratulations to December’s Photo Contest Winner

WeatherlyThe winner of $100 for this month’s photo contest is Alaska shellfish grower, Weatherly Bates.

Mytilus trossulus filter 2-3 liters of water per hour while they feed and respire. Just one 40′ x 40′ stocked mussel raft can filter 3 million liters of water per hour. By filtering water, mussels positively effects nutrient and sediment removal. Some Nutrients are made into the body tissues of mussels that we later eat, the rest is excreted as waste which ends up on the seafloor, helping stimulate the rate of decomposition within the ecosystem. This means bivalves such as mussels have a role in controlling boom and bust cycles of seasonal phytoplankton blooms. Shellfish help stabilize marine environments leading to higher overall productivity and diversity of species. 

UW seeks scientists: Kenneth Chew Endowed Professorship

We are primarily seeking established aquaculture scientists that have made significant contributions to their field, however junior candidates will be considered.

Funds up to $27,000 are available for travel (up to $1,700), housing (up to $2,200 per month), research supplies (up to $5,500) and a stipend of $1,100 per month.


SE Alaska Farm For Sale

Posted 12/9/2015

Located on Prince of Wales Island in Sea Otter Sound. Permitted & ready to move in (limited gear on site). Site ideally offers protected south facing exposure, USFS upland buildings, and little neck clam beaches. Setting is very remote with trail leading to old logging road system & good trout fishing in lake about a 30 min walk. Summer fishing lodge is closest neighbor, 3 miles away. Naukati is the closest town, 12 water miles.

Contact Gary Ausec,

Equipment For Sale












Rooney single head seaming machine with vacuum chamber $4200 (left photo)

Rooney single head seaming machine, no vacuum  $3500 (right photo)

Contact Nick Jambor, Ekone Oyster Co.  360 875 5494


Posted 12/3/2015

Winner of November Ecosystem Photo Contest


Johnny Shockley captures the power of oysters on water quality. Oysters are filter feeders, consuming phytoplankton and improving water quality while they filter their food from the water.

Winner of October Ecosystem Photo Contest

Congratulations to Duane Fagergren for submitting a video that shows how anchovy & shellfish co-exist. 

Click to view video:

This fall, Totten Inlet is loaded with anchovies in two size classes, 2″ and 3.5″. These fish appear to follow a natural abundance cycle. We know forage fish, like anchovies, nourish diverse marine life: fish (especially searun cutthroat), birds and mammals. These predator groups are feeding voraciously on the small, but abundant anchovy prey.


Fall Beach Clean Up 2015

PCSGA extends a huge thank you to those who participated on October 21 at the 22nd Beach Clean Up, Fall 2015. It was great to see the comradery and group effort to clean our south sound beaches! This event truly wouldn’t be possible without the help of all volunteers.