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  1. Diversity and Inclusion Workshop
  2. Feeling Crabby: Biology, Ecology and Fishery Management of Harvested Crab Populations in the Northeast Pacific (2 hours)


  1. Down on the Farm: Shellfish Growers Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs
  2. Economics of Shellfish, Social Science, Business Sense
  3. Emerging Species: Beyond Bivalves
  4. Estuarine Habitat, Ecosystem Services, Multitrophic Interactions
  5. Genetics, Broodstock Development
  6. Human Health Issues
  7. Kelp, Seaweed
  8. Marine Debris, Microplastics
  9. Marine Pathogens, Shellfish Disease, Harmful Algal Blooms
  10. Markets, Trade
  11. Ocean Conditions: Climate Change, Ocean Chemistry, Acidification
  12. Permitting and Regulatory Issues
  13. Pest Management
  15. Public Engagement, Education and Outreach
  16. Restoration and Protection Efforts (Species and Habitat)
  17. Shellfish Shorts (5 min talk in the "Ignite" format)
  18. Wild Stock Management
  19. Other

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