Jump-start your 2018 season with disease resistant, natural triploid oyster seed

Grown by Hoopers Island Oyster Co. – As Maryland’s only commercial oyster hatchery, we’re now taking reservations for culchless seed and eyed larvae from new and existing customers. Pre-orders place you at the top of the list so you’ll receive the seed you need in the size and strain best suited for your farm. Orders filled beginning in April based on size and strain.

Launched in 2017, our hatchery produces a wide range of strains and sizes for different regions and grow out conditions.Our state-of-the-art technology and best in class grow out gear ensures that our animals are healthy, consistently sized and fast growing 

To place an order – or discuss the best option for your farm – please contact Jordan Shockley, Senior Manager Oyster Production by email, or call (410) 397-3664.

For 2018 prices and detailed information on setting rates, strains and sizes, click here or download our order form