Press Release: New Oyster Grading Machine Calculates Precise Size for Perfect Sorting

Fishing Creek, MD – Hoopers Island Oyster Aquaculture Company has partnered with the University of Maryland to create the Pearlception Oyster Sorting Machine which detects the exact size of Oysters and sorts them accordingly. There is no other machine that has the capabilities of the Pearlception Using 3-D laser image scanning, the Pearlception identifies the precise volumetric size of the Oyster, and packs them into a predesignated box according to their grade. The Pearlception has the ability to pack seven boxes at the same time with up to seven different grades determined by the machine operator.

The Pearlception is designed to help Oyster farms and co-ops run more efficiently and eliminate waste, but it can be modified to be used in any size operation. The incredible precision of the machine provides a more consistent product and one of superior quality, not to mention the amount of time it saves. The Pearlception streamlines the entire Oyster grading and packing process, as it is intuitive enough to sort, grade and pack all in one shot. The Pearlception has the capability to process 10,800-20,000 oysters per hour per lane depending on the Oyster size and loading speed. While it sorts, grades and packs, the Pearlception also collects real-time data and statistics so the machine operator knows exactly what is going on inside of the machine.

For those interested in obtaining a Pearlception, they are currently available to be bought or leased. The machine will be delivered to the facility, and a trained technician will set it up. Within 36 hours of the machine being installed, the on-site staff will be trained to safely and effectively operate the Pearlception. The machine can be monitored remotely with use of a cell phone, and adjusting the specifications of the machine is as easy as hitting a few buttons on a touch screen. The Pearlception can also be used both indoors or outdoors.


About Hoopers Island

Hoopers Island is dedicated to bringing the Oyster industry into the 21st century, while still honoring the tradition of the Oystermen of the Chesapeake Bay who have come before them. Through creating a machine that streamlines the process to a point where Oyster production is literally down to a science, they honor the past through providing the means to efficiently produce high quality and extremely consistent Oysters.

Hoopers Island will display the Pearlception machine at the Seafood Expo North America this year so attendees can see the sheer power and impeccable precision of this innovative product up close and personal.

From the banks of the Chesapeake Bay, Hoopers Island has always strived to bring cutting edge technology, along with delicious Oysters, into the seafood industry. Already an elite producer of their Holy Grail, Chesapeake Gold and the new Whitewood Cove Oysters are all prized by chefs, Hoopers Island is leading the charge to create an Oyster Industry that parallels the existing public fishery though sustainable and environmentally friendly means.

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VP Supply Chain / Partner Relationship
Hoopers Island Oyster Aquaculture Company
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