Annual Shellfish Conference & Tradeshow


75th Annual Shellfish Conference and Tradeshow


September 20-22, 2021

The PCSGA and NSA-PCS Shellfish Conference and Tradeshow is an opportunity for growers, researchers, agency staff, industry partners and students to explore new research findings, consider public policy issues facing the shellfish industry, and to share stories and learn from each others’ experiences.

While we will miss seeing you in person, we are excited that this virtual meeting will offer new opportunities to expand participation and remove geographical barriers.

Three jam-packed days planned, Monday through Wednesday, Sept 20-22, 2021:

  • Keynote, invited speakers, and John Lentz Profiles in Innovation Speaker Series
  • 30+ live presentations with opportunities to participate in Q&A
  • Workshops:
  • Poster Session
  • Tradeshow Spotlights
  • NSA Student Awards
  • NSA Silent Auction

NSA Silent Auction:

The NSA-PCS silent auction will be hosted online ( All proceeds go to support student involvement in shellfish science. In addition to the amazing items you’ve come to expect from the auction (e.g., artwork, gift certificates, shellfish products, crafts, apparel, etc.), we’ve got something new for your bidding pleasure… Challenges

Many of your favorite shellfish folks have graciously donated their, um, bodies, for your auction amusement by agreeing to do challenges. Is there a grower you’d like to see do a mud angel at a midnight low tide? How about a shellfish scientist doing the polar bear plunge on a cold November morning? Challenges are meant to be silly, funny, and only slightly humiliating (but it’s for a good cause). The successful bidder wins a video of the challenge performing the challenge.  

Regardless of whether you bid on the standard items or the challenges, remember, it’s for the students!!!


Conference Registration Tradeshow Registration Submit Abstracts



Please note talk times may change.

Agenda link will appear when the agenda is finalized.


Keynote Speaker:



Tradeshow Spotlight

PCSGA’s Allied members are a valuable asset to the industry and the Tradeshow is normally a fun and exciting way to network with our members. This year we will be hosting “Tradeshow Spotlights” within the conference (one each day) to give our Allied members a platform to share with the attendees their latest and greatest products and services offered to the shellfish industry.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from our Allieds!

Allied members will be listed after they submit their registration

Join our Virtual Poster Session (date/time TBD).  Each presenter will give a 5-minute “summary speech” about their poster followed by a 3-minute Q&A.  All posters will be available to view at any time over the duration of the conference.

Poster Presenters:

Names will be listed here when submitted


Guidelines on Poster Submission and Layout

Poster basics:

You can create your poster using PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Canvas, or any other appropriate program. Poster dimensions are maximum width of 48 inches and maximum height of 36 inches. The file size may not exceed 20MB, and you must save and submit your file as a PDF. Posters must be sent to 

Poster design & layout:

Poser design can enhance or diminish the effectiveness of your presentation. Below are some general consideration guidelines.

  • The focus of attention must be on the subject content.
  • Larger visuals that are relevant to the subject content attract more attention.
  • Relate content of the text to the visual it describes.
  • Too many visuals and text in a small space decreases readers’ attention.
  • Avoid using extravagant fonts.
  • Use bulleted lists to facilitate reading.
  • Provide good contrast between the test and background.


Conference Dates: September 20 – 22, 2021

Registration Rates:

Member Rates              $TBD          Early Bird Rate: $TBD

Non-Member Rates     $TBD          Early Bird Rate: $TBD

Student Rates               $TBD          Early Bird Rate: $TBD

Early Bird Cut-off: September 1, 2021

Registration Closes: September 19, 2021

Tradeshow Registration:

The Tradeshow is a little different this year. We have designated “Tradeshow Spotlight” sessions throughout the conference that gives PCSGA Allied Members an opportunity to share their products and services with conference attendees.

If you are an Allied Member in good standing and want to participate, contact Connie Smith for more information ( or call the office at 360-754-2744

Tradeshow Registration Closes: September 1, 2021

Are presenters required to register for the meeting?

Yes. All presenters must register for the meeting. Please note that abstract submission does not register you for the meeting. Registration will be required to present, view presentations, ask questions and participate in live sessions.

Are students required to register?

Yes. Whether you are a presenter or an attendee, you must register.

Is there financial assistance for students?

Yes. Financial assistance is available to students for conference registration. Students requiring financial assistance should indicate a request with their abstract. Questions regarding financial assistance may be directed to NSA Treasurer Sandy Zeiner at 

Why is there a registration fee?

Convening the 74th Annual Shellfish Conference & Tradeshow requires the purchase of sophisticated technology with licensing fees to deliver invited presentations, and oral and poster sessions with an unprecedented combination of synchronous and asynchronous elements, to provide robust cybersecurity, and to make all content available to registrants over an extended period after the meeting ends. In addition to covering the costs of technology, registration fees support the labor needed to execute the virtual event and to assist both presenters and attendees in these novel interactions.

Will there be Student Awards this year?

Yes. NSA-PCS will present an award for the best student presentation at the conference. If you are a NSA-PCS student member (in good standing) and wish to be considered, please state your interest by checking the box on the Abstract Submission Form. Student presenters must be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution (or recently graduated) at the time of submission to be considered for an award.

What virtual platform will the conference be using?

We will be using Zoom Webinar and Meetings platforms. They are user-friendly, but if you want to prepare yourself before the event, watch these tutorials below.

How will talks and workshops be presented?

Majority of the talks and workshops will be live with each presenter sharing their screen and controlling their own advancement of slides. Time allowed for standard presentations is 12 minutes, with 3 minutes for Q&A.

Watch this Zoom tutorial on how to share your screen:

Will Q&A sessions be live?

Yes. Attendees will not be able to verbally ask questions during the Q&A, but are encouraged to utilize the chat feature within Zoom to post questions. Depending on available time, the moderator will ask those questions live for the presenter to answer.

What if I need to cancel my presentation?

When you submit an abstract online, you essentially commit to presenting that talk at the conference. You are highly encouraged to keep that commitment. If, however, you are faced with unforeseen extenuating circumstances that prevent you from giving your talk, you must find someone to give your talk in your absence, and notify conference personnel immediately by emailing

What if I need to cancel my registration?

You many cancel your registration following the policy outlined below. You can email or call the office at 360-754-2744

Conference Cancellation Policy:
By Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020 – $10 administration fee

TBD – 50% refund

TBD – No refund