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Washington Shellfish Week (April 15-21)

Washingtonians make hundreds of thousands of trips each year to harvest razor clams on the coast and clams and oysters throughout Puget Sound. Tribal communities have harvested shellfish for generations, feeding their communities with healthy protein from Puget Sound and coastal shores where many continue to make a living and practice a way of life. The shellfish industry is a foundation of Western Washington’s rural economy and an important part of our state’s heritage.

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February Ecosystem Services Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations Weatherly Bates

“The giant Pacific Octopus, just one of the many creatures that utilize our farm as habitat. This juvenile octopus was found inside an oyster shell. Oyster shells provide perfect habitat for juvenile octopus and there are ample invertebrates thriving in the oyster cages that the octopus eat. Another reason farming oysters is great for the environment— by providing habitat for invertebrates, like the octopus.”

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Call for oral presentations at 72nd Annual Shellfish Conference

The Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association (PCSGA) and the National Shellfisheries Association – Pacific Coast Section (NSA-PCS) invite submissions of abstracts for oral presentations at the 2018 Annual Shellfish Conference. Conference attendees include shellfish growers, suppliers, service providers, researchers, academicians, government agencies, environmental organizations, and students. More information here.
Abstract Deadlines: May 1, 2018 (abstract title due) and June 1, 2018 (full abstract due)

UW Research Survey On Farming Native Shellfish

Do you grow a native shellfish species? A research team from University of Washington is measuring the genetic impacts of farming native shellfish and needs to learn how native shellfish are grown today. Please take a few moments to complete their survey. You can even win a $50 Amazon gift card! Contact Natalie Lowell ( | (760) 420-2281) to request a link to the online survey or a hard copy of the survey with return postage. The survey will close February 15th, so reach out to Natalie soon!

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