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Winner of August Ecosystem Photo Contest!


Congratulations to Shina Wysocki

August’s winning photo in our Ecosystem Services Photo Contest!

Pacific squid (Loligo opalescens) eggs clench to oyster fence. Each of the 2-3 inch cylindrical cases contain about 100 eggs. These eggs will eventually hatch into 10-tentacled mollusks with a life span of no more than 1 year!

Veterans seek a site to farm shellfish

Support our Veterans. Patriot Shellfish Farms LLC, a commercial business owned and operated by our military veterans, needs small shellfish farm sites to launch a new business. Read More

Press Release: New Oyster Grading Machine Calculates Precise Size for Perfect Sorting

Fishing Creek, MD – Hoopers Island Oyster Aquaculture Company has partnered with the University of Maryland to create the Pearlception Oyster Sorting Machine which detects the exact size of Oysters and sorts them accordingly. There is no other machine that has the capabilities of the Pearlception Using 3-D laser image scanning, the Pearlception identifies the precise volumetric size of the Oyster, and packs them into a predesignated box according to their grade. The Pearlception has the ability to pack seven boxes at the same time with up to seven different grades determined by the machine operator.

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