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Habitat Programs Technician – PSRF

Technician Position Description
Olympia Oyster and Bull Kelp Habitat Recovery Programs

Puget Sound Restoration Fund (PSRF) seeks a Habitat Programs Technician to provide core capacity for our Olympia Oyster and Bull Kelp Habitat Restoration Programs. S/he will have a wide range of responsibilities, supporting the Olympia Oyster and Bull Kelp Habitat Recovery Programs Director to advance habitat recovery program goals. The Technician will work directly with Director of the Olympia Oyster and Bull Kelp Habitat Recovery Programs to develop and implement restoration projects, monitoring campaigns and applied research in the laboratory and field. The Technician’s functions include logistics support, materials sourcing and acquisition, minor fabrication, equipment/apparatus development and construction with a variety of materials. Another key function is to assist with biological surveys and studies, including sample collection, preservation, and processing; data collection and archiving; and maintenance of live cultures. The Technician will operate power hand tools and engines, perform animal and plant collection and husbandry, and collect, process, and manage data in both field and laboratory settings. Field work occurs throughout the year in various locations across Puget Sound, and involves work on beaches, from small boats, and with SCUBA. As field activities are scheduled in accordance with the tides, the Technician is expected to periodically work odd hours, days and during inclement weather. Most field work is done in teams, but occasionally is done independently, safety permitting.

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Nursery Manager – Clam Fresh Enterprises

Island Enterprises Incorporated

Position: Nursery Manager (Full Time)
Company: Clam Fresh Enterprises  
Date: January 16, 2020
Hourly Rate: $19 – $30
Reports to: Tyler Johns (Operations Manager) 

SUMMARY: This is a management position for shellfish nursey operations at Clam Fresh Enterprises. The manager occupying this position is responsible for oversight of land base shellfish nursery, flupsy, algae grow operation, supervision of nursery staff, monitoring nursery systems, reporting to operations manager, communication with larvae vendors. Employee must be available during weekends when needed.

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Program Manager – Puget Sound Restoration Fund

Position Description:

Olympia Oyster and Bull Kelp Habitat Recovery Programs

Puget Sound Restoration Fund (PSRF) seeks a Program Manager to provide core support for our Olympia Oyster and Bull Kelp Habitat Restoration Programs. S/he will have a wide range of responsibilities, working directly with the Olympia Oyster and Bull Kelp Habitat Recovery Programs Director to increase the operational capacity of both programs to advance habitat recovery program goals. S/he will develop and manage grants and contracts, including budgets, communications, reporting and invoicing. The Program Manager will be responsible for developing, submitting and tracking compliance for regulatory permits that authorize in-water restoration work for both programs. Another primary duty will be to work with the Program Director to organize, analyze and use data and model outputs from field surveys, monitoring, and research conducted by PSRF and others. In addition to reporting for grants and contracts, the Program Manager will prepare, deliver and curate accurate, engaging and quality reports to funders and partners. Lastly, s/he will assist with field and lab work as needed. PSRF is a team environment, and s/he will have support from the Program Director and other PSRF staff to ensure tasks are successfully accomplished.

The successful Program Manager will be detail-oriented and have strong communication and collaboration skills. Accuracy is critically important in many aspects of this work, as is the ability to develop and convey clear, timely, and persuasive communications verbally and in writing. The Program Manager will need to work efficiently and often independently to see tasks through to completion. Scheduling, time management, effective administration and regular communications with the Program Director and other team members will be essential to advance these multi-faceted programs. To thrive, the Program Manager will need to comfortably manage multiple projects, at different stages, with shifting priority levels.

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Farm Intern – Hog Island Oyster Co.

Marshall, California


Here’s your chance to earn while you learn, both the farming and science aspects of running a successful, sustainable shellfish farm.  Hog Island Oyster Co. has been a producer of shellfish for over 35 years and we’re looking for qualified, self-motivated individuals who want to work in the aquaculture industry, with an emphasis in shellfish farming. This position will work directly with the Farm Crew, and Farm Managers to learn how to consistently produce quality shellfish for our restaurants and customers. Interns will also work directly with our Wholesale Crew, and Wholesale Managers to learn how to source, handle, and distribute quality shellfish to our restaurants and customers. The interns will also assist our science and research staff with collecting and recording compliance and research related data. Individuals will learn all aspects of shellfish culture, including breeding, husbandry practices, harvesting, environmental monitoring, food safety monitoring, and regulatory compliance.

To be a good fit, you must have an eye for detail, a passion for the marine environment, a willingness to collaborate and strong communication skills. This is a temporary, 8 to 12 week, full-time position that starts June 15th so apply NOW. Send us your CV and a letter of interest and tell us why you are interested in this position.

Deadline to submit applications is Sunday, March 1st.

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December Ecosystem Services Winner

Bill Dewey: Geoduck nursery tubes provide substrate and refuge for a variety of organisms besides geoduck. This tube has mussels, cockles, and a couple of species of sponges growing in and on it.

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