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October Ecosystem Services Winner

Daniel Holsapple: At our company’s facility in Humboldt Bay we raise juvenile oysters in tanks on a small barge. As seawater is pumped into the tanks and through the oysters it pours back into the bay through the deck grating. This creates an artificial intertidal zone where goose barnacles, mussels, limpets, and algae can flourish.

Fisheries/Aquaculture Sciences Adjunct Instructor(s) – Bellingham Technical College

Bellingham Technical College is seeking a full-time (or multiple part-time) adjunct instructor(s) to teach various courses in our Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences program beginning in late January, 2020 through the end of Spring quarter (June 24, 2020). The teaching schedule will vary based on student and college needs and is expected to include instructional strategies that use in-person, simulation, blended, online, and hands on techniques.

The Fisheries & Aquaculture Sciences program prepares students for employment in a variety of fisheries occupations with emphasis on field sampling techniques and aquaculture. Teaching content may include such subjects as: shellfish and finfish growth, nutrition, and diseases, freshwater ecology, oceanography, geographic information systems, introductory aquaculture, fisheries biology, advanced sampling techniques and other related courses.

To read more about this position and how to apply, please click here – Fisheries-Aquaculture Sciences Adjunct Instructor(s).

Full Time Nursery Manager – Clam Fresh Enterprises

Position:                    Clam Fresh Enterprises Nursery Manager (Full Time)

Date:                           September 25, 2019

Hourly Rate:              $19 – $30

Reports to:                 Tyler Johns (Operations Manager)

SUMMARY: This is a management position for shellfish nursey operations at Clam Fresh Enterprises. The manager occupying this position is responsible for oversight of land base shellfish nursery, flupsy, algae grow operation, supervision of nursery staff, monitoring nursery systems, reporting to operations manager, communication with larvae vendors. Employee must be available during weekends when needed.

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Hatchery Technician – Billion Oyster Project

Billion Oyster Project
BOP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to restore oyster reefs to New York Harbor through public education initiatives. BOP is fueled by the passion and commitment of the team. Enthusiasm for the work of environmental restoration, public education and environmental justice is an expectation for the position. Candidates should be comfortable working on a team with various stakeholders and delivering on complex, multi-step projects.

Our Vision
A future in which New York Harbor is the center of a rich, diverse, and abundant estuary. The communities that surround this complex ecosystem have helped construct it, and in return benefit from it, with endless opportunities for work, education, and recreation. The harbor is a world-class public space, well used and
well cared for—our Commons.

The Billion Oyster Project (BOP) Hatchery Technician is a hands-on restoration practitioner tasked with working in BOP’s oyster hatchery on Governors Island and at various oyster nurseries throughout New York Harbor. The BOP Hatchery Technician will install, maintain, and monitor hatchery and aquaculture systems.
The Hatchery Technician will work with high school students and lead public engagement and volunteer activities as part of their regular work activities.

View the full job description HERE.

August Ecosystem Services Photo Winner

Congratulations Frank Reveil!

Frank Reveil: This nudibranch is more photogenic and he’s eating sea anemones and tunicates for us to lighten the load

July Ecosystem Services Photo Winner

Congratulations Ian Jefferds!

Ian Jefferds: A big river otter (Lontra canadensis) is shown hauled out on our mussel raft in Quilcene Bay.  The river otters are adept at catching fish and eating shellfish found around floating mussel rafts, where food is plentiful and the otters have a safe place to rest.  

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