Veterans seek a site to farm shellfish

Support our Veterans. Patriot Shellfish Farms LLC, a commercial business owned and operated by our military veterans, needs small shellfish farm sites to launch a new business. Service men and women are leaving the Services every day. Veterans have abnormally high suicide rates and high unemployment. These are trained men and women with and with out disabilities. This is a joint program with agencies and supporters of our Veteran community. We need sites first in Washington State the other States. Sites Permitted for shellfish farming, accessible for disabled Veterans and a potential for successful farming in the long run. Once running the farm sites are to be given to the Vets operating them. If you want more information on Patriot Shellfish Farms LLC or have sites and equipment you may believe may be useful to the Veterans please contact Daniel Barth, at 115 Grimes Road, Centralia, WA 98531