VIDEO: Shellfish Farms: Building Community

Funded by the Nereus Program as part of the Ocean Link Northwest communications project, this video centers around a shellfish grower in Willapa Bay in southwestern Washington. Graduate students Michael Quinlan and Rachel Lee worked with the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association to show the symbiotic relationship between shellfish farms and the rural communities where they’re located.

Meet Kathleen Nisbet-Moncy, third generation shellfish farmer and Chief Operating Officer for Nisbet Oysters, Goose Point Oysters, and Hawaiian Shellfish. Kathleen’s story illustrates that the shellfish industry is the economic backbone holding up many rural communities along the West Coast. For these communities to survive, the industry must be supported by consumers and policymakers, and protected from the threats posed by environmental changes.

This video seeks to show just one small example of how communities have always been, and will always remain, connected to their environments. We hope it puts a human face on the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation.

Source: Ocean Link Northwest YouTube