Yamashita Shellfish Farm Manager- Nisqually Indian Tribe

NATURE OF WORK: This position is responsible for managing operations, supervising employees, and leading marketing efforts of shellfish grown at Tribally owned or leased properties.


  • Manage and oversee all operational functions of the shellfish farm.
  • Plan, manage, and perform tasks and projects related to farm development, operations, and monitoring.
  • Manage, supervise and train technicians and other shellfish farm employees.
  • Establish and maintain financial records.
  • Establish and maintain inventory and quality control methods.
  • Develop, monitor, revise shellfish farming plans.
  • Research and purchase equipment and supplies.
  • Develop marketing plan and lead marketing efforts of shellfish grown on Tribally owned or leased properties.
  • Schedule farming tasks from seeding to harvest.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Knowledge of related federal, state, and local laws.
  • Knowledge of shellfish farm operational functions, development, and monitoring techniques.
  • Knowledge of supervisory and management techniques.
  • Knowledge of common workforce training methods.
  • Knowledge of financial record keeping practices and procedures.
  • Knowledge of inventory and quality control methods.
  • Knowledge of project management techniques.
  • Knowledge of shellfish farming plans and methods.
  • Knowledge of shellfish aquaculture.
  • Knowledge of farm development, operations, and monitoring techniques.
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple personnel.
  • Ability to effectively plan and manage projects.
  • Ability to effectively train staff.
  • Ability to organize and manage financial records.
  • Ability to organize and maintain inventory.
  • Ability to establish and enforce quality control processes.
  • Ability to develop successful farming plans.
  • Ability to develop and implement successful marketing efforts.


  • Bachelor’s degree in an ocean science or related field or an equivalent combination of recent appropriate experience and/or education.
  • 5 years’ recent management experience directly in the shellfish aquaculture business.
  • Supervisory experience.
  • Must have a valid Washington State driver’s license and be insurable under the Nisqually Indian Tribe’s insurance policy.

A-27, Step I, $32.32/hr

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For specific questions regarding this position, you may call Margaret Homerding at: 360-456-5221 x 2138