PCSGA Vision

The standards for farming practices are founded on PCSGA’s Environmental Codes of Practice (ECOP), which are based on all the relevant science available on the benefits and effects of shellfish farming.  Members of PCSGA agree to adhere to the best management practices detailed and set forth in the comprehensive ECOP.

PCSGA’s mission is to ensure a healthy social, regulatory, and natural environment for shellfish farming on the West Coast.  We envision ourselves as world leaders in the production of sustainable shellfish utilizing science-based methods in harmony with a healthy environment.   We value the family tradition of sustainable farming using evidence-based practice to maintain a healthy and productive shoreline.

PCSGA has a Strategic Plan in place to help guide the association’s leadership.  The Strategic Plan is based on four established goals:

  • Member Engagement, Development and Succession
  • Industry Stewardship and Mentorship
  • Knowledge Creation and Exchange
  • Policy Leadership
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