July ecosystem services photo contest winner

Congratulations Josh Cahill

“In an environment with little hard-surfaced substrate, shellfish culture provides real estate for many organisms. A sea lemon, Peltodoris nobilis, is one of those organisms, preying on sponges growing on this bag of mussels.”


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June ecosystem services photo contest winner

Congratulations Wesley Hull 

“Our oyster long lines proved substrate for diverse algal communities to grow throughout the late spring and summer months. These alga, like the Ulva in this picture, provide food for native fish, invertebrates, and birds, promoting a healthy and diverse ecosystem within Humboldt Bay.”

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A Shellfish Diet might be even more environmentally friendly than going vegan

Excerpt:  It’s just hard to beat a shellfish farm, he says: “There’s no land use at all, no freshwater use, no fertilizer use — in fact, they clean up the surrounding water.” Shellfish farms are usually in coastal waters, where there’s plenty of space. Consider those factors together, and it looks like it’s more environmentally friendly to get your calories from mussels than from veggies and beans.

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