August Ecosystem Services Photo Winner

Congratulations Margo Reveil!

Margo Reveil: This nudibranch is more photogenic and he’s eating sea anemones and tunicates for us to lighten the load

Production Technician – Industrial Plankton

About the Job
Industrial Plankton designs and manufactures cutting-edge industrial bioreactors, used by our clients to produce live feed in aquaculture hatcheries, and various end-products (nutraceuticals, oils, etc.) for the biotech sector.

We have an opening for a skilled individual, passionate about building innovative products. The Production Technician will become a key part of the team responsible for assembling and testing bioreactors in a fast paced manufacturing facility.

● Forming, gluing and working engineered plastics into complex shapes
● Routing, sanding and polishing
● Assembly of pumps, LED lighting components, and tank accessories
● Self managing time to meet daily objectives
● Meticulous quality testing of parts and processes
● Maintaining production documentation

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Yamashita Shellfish Farm Manager- Nisqually Indian Tribe

NATURE OF WORK: This position is responsible for managing operations, supervising employees, and leading marketing efforts of shellfish grown at Tribally owned or leased properties.


  • Manage and oversee all operational functions of the shellfish farm.
  • Plan, manage, and perform tasks and projects related to farm development, operations, and monitoring.
  • Manage, supervise and train technicians and other shellfish farm employees.
  • Establish and maintain financial records.
  • Establish and maintain inventory and quality control methods.
  • Develop, monitor, revise shellfish farming plans.
  • Research and purchase equipment and supplies.
  • Develop marketing plan and lead marketing efforts of shellfish grown on Tribally owned or leased properties.
  • Schedule farming tasks from seeding to harvest.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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July Ecosystem Services Photo Winner

Congratulations Ian Jefferds!

Ian Jefferds: A big river otter (Lontra canadensis) is shown hauled out on our mussel raft in Quilcene Bay.  The river otters are adept at catching fish and eating shellfish found around floating mussel rafts, where food is plentiful and the otters have a safe place to rest.  

Large Boat Skipper – Taylor Shellfish Farms

Large Boat Skipper

O107 – Shelton, Washington

Department: O107
Employment Type: Full Time Regular
Minimum Experience: Mid-level
Compensation: $17+ DOE


Taylor Shellfish Farms is one of the largest producers of farmed shellfish in North America.  The company is quickly growing in sustainable shellfish farming with new techniques and innovative growing methods.


Oyster skippers are responsible for their oyster boat or “dredge”. This includes the general maintenance such as fluid levels, oil, and completing the daily inspection of the vessel. All skippers must have a Washington State boater’s license and complete a Taylor Shellfish boater’s safety training. Activities of a skipper are running the boat for each tide run, retrieving oyster tubs, spreading seed, but can also include a number of other tasks assigned by their manager. The skipper must feel comfortable navigating a boat in all weather conditions. The skippers need to learn the specific farms they work on and be able to communicate the harvest details during transport from beach to plant. Shipments must be properly labeled.

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June Ecosystem Services Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations Duane Fagergren!

Duane Fagergren: This bag of Olympia oysters on a rack at -2.5 ft. elevation has quite an assemblage of plants and invertebrates. Red, green and brown algae settle on the bag, and shrimp exited the bag as the tide receded. The Graceful crab is in molting condition and sought refuge on top of the bag until the old shell can be shed.