Research Priorities

Each year, the PCSGA Research Committee reviews current research priorities facing the industry and determines which goals are the highest priorities. As times change and new issues emerge or are resolved, this list changes as it reflects the most critical issues that basic and applied research can help resolve. Once identified, PCSGA circulates the list to grant makers and researchers to help direct the search for funding opportunities that best match up with industry needs.

REQUEST FOR LETTER OF SUPPORT:  Please allow 7 days for requests from researchers or organizations seeking a written Letter of Support from PCSGA.

PCSGA’s 2021 Research Priorities

  • Ecosystem Services Provided by Shellfish Farms
  • Investigate Durability of Shellfish Gear
  • Quantify Effects of Macroalgae Removal from Shellfish Ground
  • Shellfish Breeding for Increased Production and Sustainability
  • Quantifying Ecological Equivalency Between Shellfish Farms and Eelgrass Beds including Ecosystem Services Provided by Shellfish Farms
  • Automation/Robotics Applications to Shellfish Farming in Sub-optimal Environments
  • Research on Public Health and the Shellfish Industry
  • Achieving Increased Resiliency in the Shellfish Industry

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2021 Research Priorities