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What´s Happening Now

Ecosystem Services Photo Competition

Paul TaylorHelp tell the Shellfish Farming Ecosystem Services Story with Your Photo – Next Deadline: May 15th

Shellfish culture plays a vital role in providing natural ecosystem services to all living things in our marine environment. Ecosystem services are the beneficial ecological processes or outcomes which result from shellfish farming that we often take for granted. 

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April Ecosystem Services Photo Contest Winner

April winner Zach Loescher

Zach Loescher is the April winner for the Ecosystem Services Photo Contest. Juvenile pink salmon finding protection while foraging food among our mussel lines. The mussel lines contain numerous types of zooplankton and marine invertebrates such as amphipods, isopods, and annelid and polychaete worms for the juvenile salmon to dine on as they adjust from their riverine to saltwater environment.

Job: Taylor Shellfish – Hatchery Technician, Quilcene WA

The position will have hands on work with static tank and continuous algae production cultures to meet the ever expanding needs of a large shellfish hatchery. Employee will work closely with current technicians, as well as the other hatchery staff. The position will help with all aspects of algal rearing, including general quality control, cleaning tubes and tanks, mixing of chemicals and vitamins, transfers of sterile algae, and the upkeep of the algae bag system, etc. Other tasks include nursery seed screening, cleaning, and harvesting of oysters, mussels, and geoduck. This is a very physically demanding position that will include climbing ladders in and out of large

Hatchery Technician-2016