UW Research Survey On Farming Native Shellfish

Do you grow a native shellfish species? A research team from University of Washington is measuring the genetic impacts of farming native shellfish and needs to learn how native shellfish are grown today. Please take a few moments to complete their survey. You can even win a $50 Amazon gift card! Contact Natalie Lowell (nclowell@uw.edu | (760) 420-2281) to request a link to the online survey or a hard copy of the survey with return postage. The survey will close February 15th, so reach out to Natalie soon!

KING 5 NEWS: Ocean acidification worsening in Puget Sound

A five-year study released Wednesday shows that ocean acidification is getting worse in Puget Sound and needs drastic action to stop the trend. PCSGA member Joth Davis from Baywater Shellfish Farm in Port Ludlow highlights on KING 5 News.

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