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Calculate Your Dues:
Membership dues are based on your annual sales. Calculate your dues amount by taking 1% of the annual farm-gate value of your shellfish (minimum of $250). Farm-gate is the value received when selling product to a buyer or to a processor for further value-added processing.

Example: You harvest and sell clams directly to a distributor for processing. The distributor pays $100,000. Your dues are 1% of $100,000, or $1,000. (.01 x$100,000 = $1,000)

* Annual farm-gate sales of $ x .01 = $ dues amount (Minimum $250) *

Growers can choose to make one yearly payment OR 4 payments (due Jan, Mar, Jun, Sep). Please choose one:

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*   As a member of PCSGA, I agree to follow the Best Management Practices as outlined in the Environmental Codes of Practice. I understand that the Board of Directors must approve my membership at their monthly meeting before it is finalized and becomes activated.

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  Beach Cleanup and Marine Debris

  Bylaws/Policy Committee

  Communications Committee

  Government Relations Committee

  Integrated Pest Management

  ISSC/Shellfish Sanitation


  Walk the Hill/DC


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      Please make checks payable to PCSGA and mail to:
      The Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association
      120 State Ave NE # 142
      Olympia, WA 98501

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