November Ecosystem Services Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations Ben Reynolds

β€œI found these crabs hanging around one of many buoy line in Spencer Cove in the south Puget Sound. Buoys and lines are useful tools for anyone who utilizes the ocean and its natural resources as markers, way points, and boundaries. Kelp crabs, oblivious to the original intent of ropes, utilize these lines to buoys as a high point to capture passing food mimicking their namesake, kelp.”

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September / October Ecosystems services photo contest winner

Congratulations Wesley Hull

“The Opalescent nudibranch (Hermissenda crassicornis) is just one of many organisms inhabiting our oyster rafts. With the rugose assemblage of barnacles and other encrusting organisms growing on or rafts providing shelter for a diversity of predators and prey, our oyster rafts promote a healthy and diverse community of benthic invertebrates.”

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July ecosystem services photo contest winner

Congratulations Josh Cahill

β€œIn an environment with little hard-surfaced substrate, shellfish culture provides real estate for many organisms. A sea lemon, Peltodoris nobilis, is one of those organisms, preying on sponges growing on this bag of mussels.”


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