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PCSGA Biannual Beach Clean Up

Join PCSGA for our fall beach clean up, October 21 (Wednesday) IMG_4934

This is a group effort among shellfish growers and coastal communities to clean our beaches in South Puget Sound. Please volunteer to collect, sort, and tally marine debris. Meeting sites are located at the Arcadia Boat Ramp in Shelton and National Fish and Oyster in Nisqually. Enjoy a hearty hot lunch afterwards, compliments of PCSGA. To participate and volunteer, please contact Becky Mabardy: (360) 754-2744 or

News Team Digs Deeper to Separate Fact from Fiction

Take a look at the great video clip KOMO aired last night to highlight issues in Willapa Bay with burrowing ghost shrimp. The voice of farmers who work these tideland is the strongest, most effective way to make shellfish industry concerns and interests known. Share your perspective by commenting on the KOMO website.


Winner of August Ecosystem Photo Contest!


Congratulations to Shina Wysocki

August’s winning photo in our Ecosystem Services Photo Contest!

Pacific squid (Loligo opalescens) eggs clench to oyster fence. Each of the 2-3 inch cylindrical cases contain about 100 eggs. These eggs will eventually hatch into 10-tentacled mollusks with a life span of no more than 1 year!

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